Our Story

After working abroad for 17 years bringing innovations to market in more than 55 countries, Connectiv’s founders set out to change the innovation narrative in Canada. 

While we spend more per capita than most other nations on innovation, our commercialized innovation lags far behind our G20 competitors. One of the reasons this is happening is that inventors, entrepreneurs and intrapreuners do not have the experience nor a trusted partner to provide the knowledge and the process of how to successfully bring their new product to market. 

Our Values

“If we live all of these, we will experience something exceptional together.


Fully engaged with relentless drive and dedication


About what really matters, our journey and who we share it with


Emitting energy that generates meaningful, lasting outcomes


True to our character and with each other

We operate a customer-intimate open networked business model. This means we only provide what is absolutely necessary to bring your proof of concept to market. We use a network of top tier experts, market research, process, and structure to orchestrate innovation. By using such a proven process, our clients have found that we dramatically decrease the time, cost, risk, and investment needed to go to market.