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Natasha Kovacevic, Ph.D

Founder & CEO of xSensa Labs

Dr. Natasha Kovacevic, a computational neuroscientist, and award-winning innovator founded xSensa Labs with a vision to open new paths towards human performance and consciousness and to revolutionize the prevention and treatment of mood and cognitive disorders. She wants to empower individuals to take charge of their mental health and activate their full potential by accessing and optimizing the place of origin, the brain. Natasha developed xSensa’s Brain Engine, a software suite for analyzing brain data and providing guidance for self-direct neuromodulation. In other words, an ability to change one’s brain in real-time. Coupled with backend machine learning, xSensa software is adaptive and unique to each person. Hundreds of testers have already seen improvements in their memory, attention, mood, creativity and productivity. Natasha’s goal is to make this important innovation accessible to as many people as possible. 

Prior to starting xSensa Labs, Natasha’s academic work focused on data-driven methods for uncovering links between neuroimaging data (EEG, MRI, MEG, CT), demographic and genetic data, and cognitive and behavioural metrics. She authored and co-authored over 80 papers in peer-reviewed journals and her data pipelines are used in neuroscience labs across the world. Always entrepreneurial and multi-disciplinary, she became interested in wearable brain sensing technology in 2012. While working at Baycrest, she pioneered “My Virtual Dream”, an influential project at the intersection of Neuroscience, Technology and Art, featured by CBC Radio, Reuters, Toronto Star and BetaKit. 

Zeze Peters, Rocket Scientist

Founder and CEO of Beam.city Inc

Zeze Peters is a serial entrepreneur, aerospace engineer & innovator with 20 years of experience in software, robotics & applied A.I. who has led large teams across continents to build million dollar platforms for Fortune 1000 & other fast growing companies.  He is currently executing on Beam.city DNA, the worlds 1st unified advertising automation platform that uses A.I. & algorithms to help businesses automatically plan and optimize their ads on all top advertising channels with fantastic results in days or weeks. It also helps brands achieve multi-location intelligence and personalization at scale.

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