Advocacy for Canadians

Canadian governments at all levels have put a strong emphasis on investing in innovation and technology, particularly since 2004. This support has significantly contributed to Canada’s internationally strong position in research, science and technology. However, high quality research doesn’t translate into commercialized business innovation that meets market needs. Canada does not hold the position it should compared to other G20 nations in this area and the current state of growth is not sustainable. We commission and conduct primary research on Canadian innovation with the goal of providing governments and the agencies that support them with the information and data that they need to craft and implement more effective public policy.

The Brains Behind our Research

Dr. Linying Dong

Ryerson Supervising Professor

Dr. Dong has actively engaged in research, teaching, and services, and become a valuable member of the Ryerson’s Ted Rogers School of Information Technology Management (TRSITM). Her areas of expertise lie in leadership, governance, and IT innovation. She has published in top tier IS journals including Journal of Information Technology (JIT), European Journal of Information Systems (EJIS), and Information Systems Journal (ISJ), and won a few awards for her publications. ‘s

Michele Mastroeni

Mitacs Postdoctoral Research Fellow

As faculty at OCAD University in Strategic Foresight and Innovation, Michele pursues a research agenda exploring innovation systems, innovation policy, and the application of design principles and evidence-based solutions to solving the challenges faced therein. 

Michele has previously worked with the Ontario Ministry of Economic Development and Growth, and the Conference Board of Canada. 

Emily Rezkalla

Policy Research

Emily specializes in analyzing statistical data and reporting on product target markets, competitor ecosystems, critical success factors, customer experience, government policies and grants, and technology-based solutions. Collaborating on Connectiv’s advocacy projects, Emily has significantly contributed to our primary research on Canadian innovation. Her written contributions have been published by ISPIM and the Toronto Star with the goal of influencing Federal and Provincial Governments in developing and delivering more effective policies and programs for SME’s.

Tamara Doerkson

Project Manager | Associate Principle

Prior to Connectiv, Tamara held multiple executive level positions, including with industry icon KPMG where she built a best-in-class Project Management Office that became the Global blueprint, and with HR Strategies Consulting where she was responsible for the Global delivery of HR solutions for customers in all sectors and a broad range of industries. Tamara is a Certified Entrepreneur and Career Transition Coach, and is passionate about helping entrepreneurs get their great ideas to market, and advocating for more effective public policy to drive and sustain innovation in Canada.

Our Latest Initiative

Our latest research is a joint effort with Dr. Linying Dong, Professor at Ryerson’s Ted Rogers School of Information Technology Management, Dr. Andrea Rowe, post doctoral research fellow, and Mitacs, a not-for-profit national organization that funds innovation research in Canada. 


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