ISPIM Connects: Connectiv Innovation Research Awarded Prize for Greatest Potential for Impact

Connectiv Innovation is honoured that our latest research, “Scaling Start-ups: Challenges in Canada’s Ecosystem” received ISPIM’s top prize for research, The Dick Marsh Award for the research with the greatest potential for impact.  The International Society of Professional Innovation Management (ISPIM) “Connects” global conference was held in Ottawa last week and more than 50 international papers were considered for the award. Connectiv and our academic partner, Ryerson University, were officially presented the award on April 8, 2019.

ISPIM is the largest and most active innovation network in Europe and is expanding rapidly globally with members in more than 70 countries. This specific “Connects” conference was focused on challenge-based innovation. The core challenges explored were scaling start-ups, adopting AI and analytics and innovation with government.  Having the opportunity to contribute to such an informed and constructive dialogue was both a privilege and realized a goal that was more than a year in the making.  

Dr. Linying Dong presenting our research findings to ISPIM’s Delegates

After the highly engaged presentation, Connectiv Innovation and Ryerson University received positive expert feedback from public and private stakeholders on alternative barriers for scaling start-ups.  Being the first research of its kind, experts specifically stated interest in our findings and were eager to share either their corresponding experiences.

Other innovation thought leaders presented papers that highlighted research on Angel Investors, Methods of Collaboration for Innovative Technologies, Platform Based Businesses and Emerging Technologies.

Within these sessions, Connectiv had the opportunity to contribute to an international dialogue for progressive and practical innovation advancement and take home lessons learned from a global talent pool of innovation leaders.


As the conference concluded, our team at Connectiv continues to be eager to share our research with new audiences and initiate additional research collaboration and initiatives.

Thank you once again to Ryerson University, Mitacs and most specially to our award-winning research team, Dr. Linying Dong (Ryerson University), Dr. Andrea Rowe (Mitacs Post Doctoral Fellow), Jonathan Landon (President, Connectiv Innovation), Emily Rezkalla (Research Analyst, Connectiv Innovation) and support from Tamara Doerksen and Jack Hoang of Connectiv.

To read more about our research team and our journey to this award, click below for our advocacy page.

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